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Welcome to the Center for Law and Military Operations (CLAMO)


CLAMO is a joint, interagency, and multinational legal center responsible for: (1) collecting and synthesizing data relating to legal issues arising in military operations, (2) managing a central repository of information relating to such issues, and (3) disseminating resources addressing these issues IOT facilitate the development of doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership, personnel, and facilities as these areas affect the military legal community.

CLAMO invites contribution of operational legal materials and suggestions, including legal after action reports (AARs), ideas from the field, comments about its products, and requests for information, assistance, or publications.

The CLAMO repository is available within the JAGCNET International and Operational Law Document Library at https://www.jagcnet2.army.mil/IODocLib (CAC Access Required). 

Please see the IO Document Library for various resources, including:

  • After Action Reports
  • Operational Law Handbook, LOAC Document Supplement, LOAC Deskbook
  • Rule of Law Handbook, Domestic Operational Law Handbook
  • Deployed Marine Air-Ground Task Force Judge Advocate Handbook
  • Pre-deployment Legal Training Materials
  • Other International and Operational Law Resources

CLAMO also regularly posts notifications on the International and Operational Law Milbook site at https://www.milsuite.mil/book/groups/international-and-operational-law

CLAMO publications can also be found online at the Library of Congress: http://www.loc.gov/rr/frd/Military_Law/CLAMO.html.

Points of Contact:

  • CLAMO Organizational NIPR Email: usarmy.pentagon.hqda-tjaglcs.mbx.clamo-tjaglcs@mail.mil
  • Director, LTC Jason Elbert, (434) 971-3210
  • Deputy Director, MAJ Tom Akacki, (434) 971-3248
  • NGB Liaison and Director of Domestic Operations, MAJ Vo-Laria Brooks, (434) 971-3143
  • National Guard/Reserve Component Liaison, LTC David “Greer” Martin, david.martin338@mail.mil
  • Marine Corps Liaison, Capt Joel Hood, USMC, (434) 971-3256
  • Navy Liaison, LCDR Brigham Fugal, USN, JAGC, (434) 971-3382
  • Coast Guard Liaison, LCDR Emily Miletello, USCG, (434) 971-3290